Q & A


I'm new and not sure where to start.

I specialize in 'newbies' and enjoy helping you to discover what's stirring inside of you.  I have a skill set that allows me to psychologically dissect your inner kinks all while providing a nurturing environment where you feel safe and comfortable.  You can be assured, I am a Mistress that loves my work.  I live this lifestyle 24/7.  As a leader in the Kink community of the Phiiladelphia region, I lead several FemDom groups like ClubFEM, Philly FemDom and Femocracy Global.  Because I'm a 'lifestyle' Domme and not just a Professional Dominatrix, I have a  lot of experience with folks new to the lifestyle, new to exploring their kinks, and new to coming to terms with that turns them on.  You are in the best hands.

How do I book a session?

In order to book a session, I require an email of introduction be seent to MistressKye@gmail.com.  In that include a bit about yourself and generally what you are interested in exploring in your session, and please, NO DICK PICS, NO TELLING ME ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL AND KINK FANTASIES.  I will delete your email immediately.

A deposit is required to secure your appointment.  Period.  This is for several reasons.  First, it takes time to prepare for a session.  There is mental preparation, physical set up of the play space, travel, and my entire daily schedule is based around sessions.   No-shows are a constant problem for Pro Dommes.  Your deposit assures me that you take this as seriously as I do and that you respect the time I spend preparing for your visit.  Deposits can be made via paypal, circle pay, venmo, gift rocket, google wallet, and square cash app. NO SESSIONS ARE BOOKED WITHOUT A DEPOSIT. 

Where do you session?

I session out of Wicked Playground on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Same day appointments are available on those days.  The rest of my time is spent in center city Philadelphia and I session evenings and weekends there at my private apartment space.

During times of appearances, suich a eXXXotica and other adult expo's or swinger hotel take-over's, I session out of my hotel room.  Many of the Mistresses of Wicket Playground are traveling with me so we bring equipment and implements to session during appearances.  Dual Domme sessions are available.

What should I expect regarding my session once it's booked?

Prior to our session, I will confirm our appointment with you.  (If you do not confirm, or do not show up, you will lose your deposit.)  You will receive instructions and directions to your session.  Please arrive on time. Not early, Not late.  If you arrive early, Imay not be ready for you.  If you arrive late, it runs into your session time. At the beginning of your session, I will go over basic protocol and your session interests. In order to ensure that we are enjoying your fetish intersts, I will want to discuss any past experiences you've had, what you are most interested in exploring, your hard and soft limits and any questions you have.  Know that although I am the Dominatrix and in charge of the session, you are a participant as well.  Telling me 'do whatever you want to me" is not an acceptable act of participation.  I do not accept that response.  Not only is it not safe to allow a total stranger to 'do whatever they want' to you, its reckless.  If you say that to me, I will ask you to leave and your monies will not be returned.  I wish to engage in a mutually enjoyable experience.  Even if you are new to all of this fetish stuff, you have an idea of what makes you tick.  That's where we will start.

 If during the session you wish to stay longer, and I am free, we can make arrangements to extend your time.

Please do not show up unshowered.  Please be mindful of your oral hygene as well. 

Gifts upon arrival are alway a welcomed and much appreciated geture. It is not necessary.  But know that I've put great thought into ensuring you have an exceptional experience.  A gift shows you're appreciative of my thoughtfulness as well.

Do you do double Domme Sessions? Do you 'switch'? Do you see women? Do you see couples? Skype?

Yes, I love double Domme sessions. My sister Mistresses at Wicked Playground are always free to session with me. Just check out the Wicked Playground website to see their profiles.  www.ladyswickedplayground.com

NO.  I do not switch.  I am a natural born Alpha Female.  You need only spent a few minutes with me to feel this.  

Yes, I see women.  I have a personal femal submissive/slave.  I love to help women whether they are exploring their inner Domme or submissive.

Yes, I see couples.  Couples are a specialty of mine.  I see cuckhold couples and can bring Sir Kayden into a session as a 'bull.'  Additionally, I specialize in helping couples who are new to BDSM explore this type of intimacy in their relationship.  I assist in opening up honest communication between partners, I can teach either partner to Dominate, use equipment or toys/implements, and develop a plan for dynamic structure.

Yes, I skype.  My rate is $60 per 15 minutes.  I also can be reached on Niteflirt for 1.99 a minute.  This is a GREAT way for us to get to know each other prior to sessioning in person.  I also offer distance Mistressing.  We can set up online or phone sessions over Skype or NiteFlire.

Do you use 'safewords'?

Let me be frank, many new to Fetish and Kink worry that this is all whips and chains and pain.  I can assure you of this....that indeed is a part of BDSM, however, it's a very small fraction of what's available unther the BDSM umbrella.

Safe words are ALWAYS used.  Trust and communication are of the utmost priority for any reputable professional Dominatrix.

NOTHING occurs without your consent and a pre-discusses, pre-negotiated discussion and agreement.  This is why "you can do whatever you want to me, Mistress" does not work.  No Mistress will accept those conditions.  If one does, you are being reckless with your well being.

I will ONLY engage in activities that you have not only consented to, you have proven to me that you have a full understanding of those activities.  Once I know all of your limits, this allows me to have an arsenal in which to lead our session and ensure youre needs are fulfilled.